REFILL with Weybridge

Refill is a campaign that works by connecting people who are looking for water with thousands of local businesses, community venues, transport hubs and public fountains where they can refill for free.

Weybridge is getting in on the action and has many participating businesses all joining the refill campaign to help make a difference.

Anyone can download […]

Get some R&R at Surrey’s best leisure centre

As the summer days roll on whether you want to get out and enjoy some activities in the sunshine or just relax we here at Dakota have found the perfect spot.

Epsom’s Rainbow Leisure centre and Spa which has just been crowned the best in London at this years national ukactive awards.

The ceremony took place in […]

A gin a day keeps the hay fever away

Summer is well and truly on its way which means only one thing… watering eyes and running noses. But all is not lost, one of the nations favourites, gin is here to save the day and get you through the summer months.

Research has shown that 75% of hay fever sufferers actually complain that drinking makes […]

“UK Disneyland” coming soon only an hour away from surrey

2024 is the date set to open a new multi-billion pound 535-acre theme park dubbed “UK Disneyland”. The park will have 200 acres dedicated to rides and experiences at the Swanscombe Peninsula in Kent, just a one-hour drive from surrey and only a 17 minuet train from Kings Cross Station.

The new theme park is said […]

Weybridge Loves a Chinese

The Chinese takeaway is one of Britain’s favourites and has practically become a Friday night ritual among many.

Whether you order from the comfort of your own sofa while binging the latest series of Game of Thrones or you are out for date night, a Chinese is the key ingredient.

We here at Dakota have checked up […]

Surrey set for new zero plastic shop

Greenwise Greengrocers in Fetcham has just celebrated a very successful year, following on from this Fetch’em From The Cupboard is opening a new zero plastic shop in Ashtead.

The new shop is set to open this march and allows customers to bring their own containers and fill them up with a variety of products paying for […]

Little Venice is one of London’s hidden wonders and this is how you find it

Italy’s Venice is famous for its beautiful canals, quaint cafés and romantic atmosphere it is a common bucket list destination. However, there is a very similar spot hidden on London’s very own doorstep, in fact it is a 1 hours drive away from surrey.

It is thought that Lord Byron gave the area its name as […]

Choir performing in anti-plastic awareness concert

Concerns around plastic usage and disposal have taken over the nation this year and various new legislation have been passed to ensure this epidemic is controlled. Surrey has been putting some measures into to place to confirm they are indorsing this anti-plastic movement to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment.

The Walton Voices, Weybridge Male Voice […]

Dakota loves ‘The Great Brick Safari’ exhibition

Lego lovers both young and old can now be treated to a spectacular new exhibition which started in Surrey this weekend and will remain open until March 3rd.

The Great Brick Safari will be showing at the RHS Garden at Wisley for 5 weeks and features over 40 life-size Lego brick sculptures. The exhibition will be […]

Inventor travels 6,000 miles to present paralysed child with stair-climbing wheelchair

4-year-old Emerson Grant from Weybridge has been gifted a stair-climbing wheelchair, by inventor Alan Lee, after he was left paralysed by a rare cyst.

Emerson has an arachnoid cyst which means he cannot move from the waist down. Despite multiple surgeries to try and remove it Emerson has lost all use of his lower body and […]