On the 16th August Elmbridge borough council and Heritage Trust signed a ‘memorandum of Understanding’ that commits them to developing plans for a new heritage centre situated within the Borough of Elmbridge.

Throughout time Elmbridge has hosted various influential, historical, royal, artistic, sporting, political and scientific figureheads and is the birthplace of the motor-racing, aviation and cinematographic industries. Therefore, there was a strong feeling within the community that the boroughs heritage should be kept at the heart of the community and this new centre is the perfect home for that.

The new heritage centre will comprise a number of benefits for the Elmbridge community including: improved education facilities, increased tourism and added benefits for business. Elmbridge Borough Council also hopes the new centre will aid the councils Museum service by reducing costs and improving resources available to the community outreach programme.

The opening of the Heritage Centre is an ambitious project and will bring together residents, charities, local businesses and community leaders alike.

We here at Dakota Weybridge love hearing about such inspiring projects taking place in our area. We love the community, council and local businesses coming together to collaborate on such amazing work. We are proud of Elmbridge’s vibrant and exciting history and are delighted that it will be showcased in a Heritage Centre to be appreciated by all.

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With an easy train into London, and increasing numbers of routes created into the city, our location here is more connected to the capital than ever before. For more information get in contact with us now to find out why Weybridge is the smartest move for your business.