Summer is well and truly on its way which means only one thing… watering eyes and running noses. But all is not lost, one of the nations favourites, gin is here to save the day and get you through the summer months.

Research has shown that 75% of hay fever sufferers actually complain that drinking makes their symptoms worse. Darker fermented drinks such as red wine and beer contain histamine and sulphates, meaning that these effects are due to the types of alcohol we are consuming.

However, Asthma UK suggests drinking clear spirits such a gin or vodka can actually reduce your symptoms.

Gin has a very low histamine content so swapping out wine and beer for gin during those summer months could save you a lot of discomfort. Since no one can resist a good old G&T in the sun, this can only be good news.

According to the NHS hay fever is one of the most common allergies in the UK with the worst time for it usually occurring between March to September. Hay fever is caused by pollen or dust which will trigger a reaction such as watering or stinging eyes, runny nose and itchy skin.

So this summer stay safe… head out to the nearest rooftop bar you can find, soak up the sun and order a gin!

We here at Dakota will certainly be raising a glass throughout the sunny months.

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