Concerns around plastic usage and disposal have taken over the nation this year and various new legislation have been passed to ensure this epidemic is controlled. Surrey has been putting some measures into to place to confirm they are indorsing this anti-plastic movement to ensure a cleaner and healthier environment.

The Walton Voices, Weybridge Male Voice Choir and Surrey’s Super Steal Pan Band will be uniting to perform in an anti-plastic concert that raises awareness of the global crisis. The Concert for Conservation will be held on February 23rd at St Mary Oatlands Church in Weybridge.

The main aim of the concert is to raise money for the Marine Conservation Society. However, the concert will also wear awareness of the issues of plastic pollution. The audience will be given tips on how to reduce plastic consumption and will hear guest speaker talk about the issue.

Jess Smith from the Walton Voices, who organised the event said the choir began focusing more heavily on the plastic pollution crisis following a visit to Menorca with her partner Johnny Kilham.

Smith explained how during the holiday the couple would go snorkelling wand were disappointed to discover what they thought were jellyfish were actually pieces of plastic in the water.

anti-plastic concert surrey

The choir are doing various different things to raise awareness and attempt to help maintain the current plastic epidemic. Every week leaders will spend a couple of minuets discussing the issue with plastic and they are looking at bringing in reusable water bottles for all members. The choir has also implemented a crisp packet collection scheme with Terracycle until July.

Smith states: “Our tag line is A Choir for the Community and we want to use our concert to spread awareness of the issue as much as possible.

For us here at Dakota, we are inspired to know that our local area is taking such great steps in helping to ensure our environment is cleaner and safer for all.

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