4-year-old Emerson Grant from Weybridge has been gifted a stair-climbing wheelchair, by inventor Alan Lee, after he was left paralysed by a rare cyst.

Emerson has an arachnoid cyst which means he cannot move from the waist down. Despite multiple surgeries to try and remove it Emerson has lost all use of his lower body and now faces living the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

Last year Emerson’s mum Anna-Marina Dearsley spoke to the Surrey Advertiser saying her son’s diagnosis has “turned their world upside down.”

Emerson’s family met inventor Alan Lee at an exhibition for disability equipment in Birmingham in 2017. Lee was inspired and moved when he heard Emerson’s story and gifted the family a uniquely built £15,000 stair-climbing wheelchair. Lee flew nearly 6,000 miles from Hong Kong to personally deliver the specially modified chair to Emerson.

inventor gifts stair-climbing wheelchair

The Wheelchair runs on tracks like a tank and allows users to go up flights of stairs and move on rougher terrain than manual wheelchairs.

Ms Dearsley says the new B-Free flash wheelchair will change Emerson’s life and allow him to retain his independence.

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To follow Emerson’s progress go to the family’s website here or Emerson’s Facebook page here, or the GoFundMe page here.


Source: https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/paralysed-toddler-given-15000-stair-15536999