Here at Dakota we are proud of our sophisticated and elegant office space in the heart of Weybridge and we certainly have a fondness of style. So being situated right next to Mercedez-Benz World, we can certainly appreciate the elegance of the beautiful Mercedez-Benz W113, or the Pagoda.

The Pagoda is a thing of beauty; a cute, sports car with a conscience. Aswell as being a beautiful car, it was one of the first cars that really put the safety of the driver at the heart the design.

The head of the Mercedes-Benz design studios at the time, Frenchman Mr. Paul Bracq, can claim the fantastic all-round design of the Pagoda. The 280 SL was a technological force when it debuted, featuring a fuel-injected, overhead camshaft, straight six-engine displacing 2778cc, producing 170 horsepower. With disc brakes on all four wheels, a rarity for the time period, Mercedes-Benz took lengths to ensure the 280SL stopped as well as it went too.

Mercedez-Benz Pagoda

Mercedez-Benz Pagoda

Working with Béla Barényi, a pioneer in vehicle safety with his passive safety theory, the 230 SL was the first sports car worldwide with a safety body consisting of a rigid passenger cell and front and rear crumple zones to prevent injury to the driver in the event of a crash.

Introduced at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 1963, the car certainly caused a stir. Mercedez were aware that their previous model, the 190 SL, lacked the performance that many were after, and models with such performance, like the legendary 300 SL supercar, had a price tag that not many could afford. So enter the Pagoda.

Pagoda interior - DAKOTA

Pagoda interior – DAKOTA

The Pagoda was equipped with an inline-six cylinder engine with multi-port fuel injection and the bonnet, trunk lid, door skins and tonneau cover were made of aluminum to in order to reduce weight and maximise speed. The comparatively short and wide chassis, combined with an excellent suspension, powerful brakes and radial tires gave the W 113 superb handling for its time.

Although owners delighted at the drive of the car, anyone can admire the beauty of the little coupé. It earned it’s nickname Pagoda due to shape of the roof, with it’s inwardly pointing curvature designed by Paul Bracq, many saw it as reminiscent of the curved roofs of Far Eastern temples. And so it gained it’s nickname.

It has certainly had it’s famous owners too, with music legend John Lennon owning a dark blue 1965 230 SL, which was for sale for last year for $3million. (pictured below)

John Lennon's Pagoda

John Lennon’s Pagoda

Kate Moss and John Travolta both owned 280SL’s and Formula 1 star Nico Rosberg even owned one!

The first model, the 230SL was quickly followed by the 250 SL at the end of 1966, which was followed by the 280 SL in 1968, the third and last variant of the W 113 to be released on the market. It featured the M 130 engine.

Mercedez-Benz Pagoda

Mercedez-Benz Pagoda

When production of the Pagoda was stopped in March 1971, it’s influence certainly didn’t end. It served as a template for today’s S-Class, with it’s shortened and strengthened frame floor assembly to the sports car as well as its front and rear suspension. The Pagoda is a timeless classic; a thing of beauty – and if you can fork out around £150,000…it can be yours!

Dakota’s affiliation to Mercedez is due to the fact that our fantastic office space is just a short walk to the infamous Mercedez-Benz World in Weybridge, which provides fantastic business opportunities for the surrounding area due to people coming to see what Weybridge was to offer.

You’d be right to think that there has never been a better time to come a little further out of the capital, as schemes like Crossrail and new and improved routes back into London are making Dakota’s location a fantastic option for companies wanting to stay in the area but avoid the soaring prices that come with being in the centre.

To see our brilliant space for yourself, get in contact with us here at Dakota and we’d be happy to show you why Weybridge is the place for your business.

Dakota, Weybridge

Dakota, Weybridge


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