Elizabeth Webb from Weybridge has completed an amazing feat of crossing the Channel by paddleboard. Inspired by the attempts of her grandmother, the all-women team hope that their actions will serve to inspire other women to attempt the extraordinary.

Five women – Elizabeth Webb, Anna Humphries, Rachel Allen, Emma Thurtle and Amy Warren managed to cross the Channel between Dungeness and Bologne-Sur-Mer in France in just under six hours. They set off from the English coastal town at 7am, and the group certainly encountered some challenges along the way.

Each woman took their turn to paddle but the journey wasn’t without seasickness, big swells and head winds, making it a tough mission to complete.

Elizabeth said, “The journey was pretty hellish and there were parts of the journey we couldn’t see anything”. However, it was the reason for the feat that her going. She attempted the challenge in memory of her grandmother, Madge Magrath, who swam the Channel from Cap Gris Nez to Folkestone in 1955.

“I was blown away by all the old footage of my grandma being greased up on the beach and my grandad shadowing her across in a little boat, feeding her with a fishing net off the back! I never met her but hope she would have been happy I got out across that Channel”.

Nicknamed Plucky Madge, she was one of a handful of women that attempted the swim in the 1950s, but unfortunately her voyage was cruelly halted due to jellyfish stings and cramps on 21 miles.

So Elizabeth figured she’d complete what her grandmother started, as she said, “I wanted to finish my grandmother’s journey. As far as I am aware we are the first all female team to complete the challenge. We wanted to do it for female empowerment.”

One of the women crossing the Channel - DAKOTA

One of the women crossing the Channel – DAKOTA

Whilst the journey was to commerate her grandmother, there is also another strong message the team wanted to convey through the challenge – one of strength, guts and perserverance and a message they hope will inspire other women to really put themselves out there and try their hands at challenges such as these!

Elizabeth said, “I searched high and low to find women to do this with me, it took some time but I was very lucky to find these four go-getters!”

This is just the beginning for the adventurous ladies – they have plans for future challenges to empower ordinary women to develop more self-belief and go out there to push themselves mentally and physically.

“Watch this space, we want to do something twice a year. We are sure to do more challenges to empower ordinary women to push themselves mentally and physically,” Elizabeth added.

The ladies’ feat is something that us here at Dakota are quite in awe of! Their efforts to inspire people in order to help others is really admirable and we hope that their future challenges are just as successful as this.

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