It’s exciting news for Weybridge as plans to bring back the cinema closed 50 years ago have been approved. The currently vacant Weybridge Hall will become a two-screen independent cinema showing all the latest and greatest flicks.

Planning application was approved by a planning committee to convert the old Weybridge Hall and restore it to it’s former glory as a cinema and a centre attraction for the town. The new development will also provide five new flats for Weybridge on the upper floors.

Despite some fears a few years ago that the rise of watching movies at home via services like Netflix would see the demise of the cinema, these fears haven’t materialised and cinemas are thriving. Oscar season frenzy is perfect evidence of this; many times when visisting cinemas around the area we arrive to find they are fully booked! So this new addition to Weybridge will undoubtedly attract more people to the town and help to bolster surrounding establishments such as restaurants and shops as people have a night out in the new cinema.

The cinema, named Kinema at the time, made it’s first appearance on the Weybridge High Street back in 1920 and then in 1927, it was changed to King George’s Cinema.

The rebrand was a huge success, showing the first ‘talkie’ films; films that had dialogue rather than just music and sound effects. Throughout the Second World War, the cinema remained until it was coverted to a public hall in 1956. Residents have expressed their delight at the approval and are excited about the positive effects it will have on Weybridge.

Speaking at the planning committee meeting on Tuesday (March 27), Weybridge Riverside councillor Andrew Davis said the return of the cinema was good news for the town.

“In a sense this is not a new development. It is reverting to what the building was originally used for,” he said.

“I’m sure all the people in Weybridge welcome this.”

The council’s planning, design, access and heritage statement states that no “significant changes” are proposed to the outside of the building.

The statement reads: “The application plans propose to convert the ground floor premises back to their original use as a cinema in their entirety to enable a two screen independent cinema to be provided.

“No significant changes are proposed to the buildings’ exterior as part of the proposals except for restoration and upgrading works.”

For us here at Dakota, it is further evidence of the rising investment into the expanding town that is Weybridge and makes our location, just a stones throw away from the iconic Brooklands Track & Museum, the perfect place to start your business. We’re very proud of the fantastic building and office space we have here so contact us to find out more or come and visit our marketing suite and see for yourself. You’d be mad not to!

New cinema set for Weybridge in the vacant Weybridge Hall - DAKOTA

New cinema set for Weybridge in the vacant Weybridge Hall – DAKOTA