Its not long until the Dakota offices are completed and we annot wait! The innovative and exciting designs are going to be a look that we will love. However there are many other amazing offices to work at so we thought we would give you a breakdown of the best places to work according to Glasdoor. The following are the 5 coolest workplaces in Britain, entirely designed to inspire staff, and they’re guaranteed to put your office to shame:

Auto Trader

Cars are the name of the game for this automotive sales giant.

Indeed the corridors, meetings rooms and walls of its Manchester office are decked out with actual Minis, VW camper vans, Audi’s and a TVR (all of which had to be crane-lifted into the building).

For the rooms that couldn’t be fitted with actual vehicles, the walls are lined with isometric car blueprints of classic cars from Auto Trader‘s history.

It really is a car-lover’s dream.



Within tech-y circles TransferWise’s in-office sauna has become somewhat infamous, it’s the office perk to beat.

The sauna inside TransferWise’s office.

But while a sauna may grab headlines, the money transfer upstart has a few other tricks up its sleeve to keep employees inspired.

From free breakfasts to movie nights, team lunches, gym memberships and yoga sessions in the office, the perks just don’t stop.

There are even colourful nap pods which hang from the ceiling.

And while TransferWise love over-the-top marketing stunts, they don’t really shout about just how cool their office is.

“When I was offered this job they didn’t actually tell me about all the perks you get when working here,” one employee said.



Online property giant Zoopla recently moved to their new London offices near Tower Bridge, which is designed around the rooms of a house.

There’s a dining room, wine cellar (complete with bottles of vino), cinema room, greenhouse, even a treehouse and swimming pool (no water, sadly).

Zoopla CEO Alex Chesterman described it as a real life ‘home away from home’, and we think they’ve nailed it.


Innocent Drinks

Modelled after a quaint English fair, complete with fake grass, park benches and bunting,Innocent‘s London office is designed to capture the smoothie maker’s “cheery, cheeky nature”.

Fruit Towers, as it’s known among staff also has a few secrets in store, like the 13 secret messages painted and hidden around the office for only the most inquisitive staff to discover.

Oh, and if you didn’t guess, there are free smoothies, lots of free smoothies.



Betting exchange Smarkets employs a team of chefs to make three, free, freshly-cooked meals a day for its staff.

Smarkets also gives all its employees desks which can transition from sitting to standing-desks, the ability to choose their own hours and unlimited holiday allowances.

All that in an office which overlook’s London’s picturesque St Katherine’s Docks.


We at Dakota unfortunately do not have actual cars on the walls or an indoor sauna, however we think that it would be exceptionally cool to be working in offices merely a stones throw away from the Brookands racetrack. The temptation to go for a quick few laps round the track at lunch will be extremely tempting!