Easter Sunday has just passed and for the majority of people, that means finishing off the excess of chocolate that we have left over and then forcing ourselves to go to the gym to work it off. However for us at Dakota it means that the chocs are away!

The Dakota building is nearing completion and to celebrate this joyous occasion, as many of you know, we sent out a batch of promotional chocolate eggs to many of the people involved with Dakota. We went through a lengthy process of sourcing and manufacturing the labels but in the end it was definitely worth it. We think they look as good as they taste, if not better!

With the release of these eggs we aim to not only make sure everyone had a wonderful and memorable Easter, but to also remind you and let you know that Dakota will be completed soon! So make sure that you are ready to come and see this iconic new office building.

We loved making the artwork and sleeves for our Dakota eggs and hope that you enjoyed them!

We look forward to hearing from you all as to whether you enjoyed the eggs, and if you have any inquiries about Dakota! Now its time for us to go and search the office to see if there are any eggs left over that miraculously weren’t sent out…