A large number of us at Dakota miss out school days from when we were younger. The carefree attitude where our biggest worries were who likes who and if we had done our homework on time. During these school days, when we had a part of the school refurbished or built, the opening ceremony was always a highlight (mainly because we got time off school). Recently staff and students at Brooklands College Ashford welcomed a royal guest on Tuesday morning to officially open their new campus.

The Duke of Kent was taken on a grand tour by Principal Gail Walker to view the new facility. The new campus, which is a new branch of Brooklands College in Weybridge, has been open since September 2016. The Duke was joined on his visit by several members of other interested parties, including Spelthorne Borough Council and enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), who invested £5.4m to build the new facility.

A tour of the new buildings took the Duke around the whole campus, providing him with opportunities to talk with current students about the work that they do. The Dukes visit also incorporated a tour of the adjoining Thomas Kynyett College sports hall, where he met with head teacher Janise Marillat.

To commemorate the occasion, the Duke was gifted a handcrafted cake made by adult learners in the College’s Sugarcraft programme.

All of us at Dakota think the students at Brooklands College were extremely lucky to have The Duke of Kent visit them at school and have him open up part of their new campus. It would be a memory that we would cherish and never cease to bring up, be it with family or friends, boasting about how we had met royalty. Furthermore, the new campus will be a great benefit to the school, we understand how refurbishments or new constructions can have a major impact on many different aspects.