We at Dakota understand that a Refurbishment or Re-branding must be done to the highest possible quality and ensure that it has the full support of everyone involved, on top of that we are a big fan of the F1 races, especially as we are extremely close to the old Brooklands Track. Therefore when we heard about the potential livery revamp that McLaren is considering for their F1 cars in 2017 we knew we had to share it with everyone.. There have been many mounting suggestions over the years that McLaren would be changing their livery from the traditional chrome and dark grey concept they have used since 1997.

There had been a large amount of talk ahead of its new partnership with Honda in 2015 that they would switch to a red and white design. At the fernando-alonso-mclaren-fernando-alonso-mclaren_3267120time McLaren boss Ron Dennis said that he saw no reason to change just because the fans wanted the cars to look better. He stated ahead of the 2015 campaign that “we have had the same [discussions about livery] inside the team: all of these people were saying, why don’t we make it orange – because that was the old colour of McLaren?”

“Well, I said, ‘you just said it – it was the old colour of McLaren. Why the hell do we want to go backwards?’ So what do you do? Do you create an aesthetically pleasing design? But for what purpose? This is the livery of McLaren. It has always been a combination of these colours – and it will only change for commercial reasons. It wont change just to make a few people in the company happier because they want it orange or the want it yellow”

However, after this, at the Spanish Grand Prix that year, McLaren switched to a graphite-grey colour that featured Day-Glo speedmarks and key lines. Which Dakota feels was a welcome change!

 Return to Orange?

Sources suggest that the change coming for the 2017 Grand Prix could be much greater, and hark back to the famous orange livery that the team ran in Can-Am and in F1 from 1968 to 1971. McLaren has also run the orange colours during pre-season twice before – ahead of the 1997 anEcRKuzZkRm2brEGqbhE4_20170118_131948d 1998 campaigns, and again in 2006.

Whether or not the entire McLaren 2017 F1 will be orange, or if only sections of the car will be orange, has not been revealed though – with the team eager to keep quiet about its plans prior to the launch of their new F1 cars on February 24th. We at Dakota cannot wait and are excited to see what they decide to do! We feel that a change to the iconic orange that McLaren became known for would be a welcome change to the staple chrome that we are all too used to seeing, we just hope they don’t decide to paint some go faster flames on the side!

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